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Our Products:

Lithovit® Calcium Foliar Fertilizer:

• Significant yield increases

• Increases weight on crops

• Increases oil production on many crops

• Healthier plants

• Accelerates growth

• Increases frost and drought tolerance and pest resistance

Mycorrhizal Fungi:

Blooming Blossoms Soil Inoculants:

SuperAg Adjuvant/Extract:

Neptune's Harvest:

Corn treated with Lithovit (on left)

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What our nutrients do:

• Improve frost & drought tolerance

• Improve CO2 supply

• Increase disease resistance

• Improve update of Nitrogen

• Improve update of Phosphates

• Increase water uptake

• Create stronger root systems

• Accelerate growth

• Increase flowering

• Improve pest resistance

• Intensify the green color

• Increase yields

• More effective metabolization

• Reduce water requirements

• Improve soil structure