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Our Nutrients Change the Game.
Lithovit Organic Plant Nutrient
Lithovit is an organic CO2 foliar fertilizer.

Suitable for all field crops, grasslands, fodder plants, intensive cultivation, horticulture and forestry.

Improves crop yields, quality and storage properties
Accelerates growth and intensifies green coloration
Increases resistance, growth and vitality
Increases plant stability, frost and drought tolerance and pest resistance
Enhances the supply of essential trace elements to the plants
Reduces the water requirement
NOT suitable for plants preferring an acid soil

Lithovit natural CO2 foliar fertilizer for outdoor use is a new "Made in Germany" top quality nanotechnological fine powder created by tribodynamic activation and micronization.

Highly energised Lithovit particles, sprayed finely onto the leaf surface, are taken up directly through the stomata and converted into carbon dioxide. In this way Lithovit can considerably increase the photosynthesis rate, since the essential factor limiting photosynthesis outdoors is the natural CO2 content of the air. This leads to yield increases, accompanied by a reduced water requirement, with Lithovit the plants are able to keep the stomata closed longer in case of water stress. In addition, the micronutrients also contained in the product and the trace elements that influence plant physiology, such as manganese, copper, zinc etc. increase the resistance, growth, vitality and quality of the crop.

Lithovit is 100% organic calcite carbonate from natural limestone deposits, suitable for use in organic farming, harmless to humans and animals and not hazardous to water.

​Lithovit with +25% Amino Acid.

Lithovit with +5% Boron - this is 98% pure (6 - 10 times stronger rgBU.S. products) use 1/3 # to 1/2# per acre.

Lithovit with +25% Guano.

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