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Our Nutrients Change the Game.
Blooming Blossoms
BioNatural Blooming Blossoms: Unlocking the power of nature 

“Let microbes do the job for you”

BioNatural products have been tested in various Universities and well known Institutions around the world including University of Florida, Institute of Food & Agricultural Sciences. Here it has been quoted that…

“Drenching with BioNatural Products increased both shoot and root growth comparable to the full fertilizer rate without the BioNatural Bioplin. This suggests that the amount of chemical fertilizers can be reduced by half and still produce similar size plant shoots with BioNatural Products.”

BioNatural Blooming Blossoms powered by Robust Azotobacter Cysts

We are constantly on the cutting edge of new technology that is redefining the way people think about biological inoculants.

Improves uptake of micro nutrients

Successfully used for Conventional & Organic production


Studies in the past have revealed an important relationship between living leaves and the luxuriant growth of tropical vegetation on nitrogen – poor soils. This is due to the presence of nitrogen fixing organisms in the phyllosphere or leaf surfaces.

In tropical countries Azotobacter is predominantly found on the leaf surface vegetation. Foliar sprays of Azotobacter bring about vigorous plant growth. Our company has developed liquid Biofertilizers for foliar application for the first time in the world.

Foliar liquid Biofertilizers can be used for all farming today, from conventional to organic in every part of the world. This can produce residue free food. Repeated use of Foliar liquid Biofertilizers can replace the use of costly growth stimulants.

NutriFoliar is a liquid formulation containing strains of Azotobacter. These bacteria are in their own forms and are suspended in clay based liquid form. 

Mode of Action:

The dormant forms of Azotobacter on reaching the soil, germination to produce fresh batch of live cells. These cells Azotobacter grow and multiply by utilizing the carbon source in the soils or from root exudates. During their growth, they fix atmospheric nitrogen and solubilizer insoluble phosphates in the soil which plants adsorb. During their course of growth Azotobacter spp. Also secret plant growth promoting substances (auxins, gilerellins, cytokinins), “B” group vitamins and antifungal metabolites which benefits the plant in a multi-dimensional way.


As viable populations of bacteria are maintained for 3 to 4 weeks, the growth stimulants secreted by Azotobacter are spontaneously absorbed by the leaves. This saves on the use of costly plant growth promoting stimulants which are absorbed almost instantaneously by the plants.

Protects plants from fungal infestation because it secretes antifungal metabolites.
The effects of Foliar Liquid Biofertilizers are sustaining
Improves the quality and keeping quality of the yield.
Minimum 20% increase in yield
Being environment friendly, does not disturb ecological balance.


1.Vegetative growth
2.Flowering Stage
3.Fruiting or producing seed

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