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Our Nutrients Change the Game.
Canadian Humalite
Canadian Humalite 12% concentrate contains vital elements for healthy soil in an easy to apply liquid form. Extracted from the richest deposits of this material is essentially peat moss that has decomposed for at least one million years. It provides a wealth of valuable plant elements, holds water in the soil, feeds the living organisms in the soil, and releases locked-up nutrients for plant growth.

This concentrated biological product makes dormant bacteria come alive from harsh chemicals. These harsh chemicals cause bacteria to shut down and become dormant over time. Carbon has a way to make these dormant bacteria come alive in less then a year. Differences can be seen in your soils. 

Canadian Humalite can be applied with starter fertilizers, chemicals, organic nutrients, as a per-plant used before planting or in the fall on your final time across the field. It can be applied in no-till operations, 1 to 2 gallons after your crops come off. It will work down with gravity and over the winter months.

All crops benefit with Canadian Humalite.

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