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Our Nutrients Change the Game.
Mycorrhizal – A beneficial fungi that enhances root structures on all plant roots. By enhancing this root system it increases the nutrients uptake in the plant's roots, brings in more nutrients, increases water uptake, improves plant growth and yield. Mycorrhizal fungi increases the surface adsorbing area of the roots 10 to 10,000 times, therefore greatly improving the ability of the plant to use the soil's resources. Several miles of fungal filaments can be present in less than a thimbleful of soil. By increasing these filaments of micro hair roots, you increase the number of nutrient adsorbing roots. You increase your plant's health and yield. Increasing this system means a smaller population of aggressive weeds to rob you of your yield.

Please view more information on the extraordinary Mycorrhizal Applications at the company's website http://www.mycorrhizae.com.

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