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Our Nutrients Change the Game.
Super AG Extract
A new, ecologically friendly yield & crop enhancer that works.

This is not a fertilizer; it is a unique plant extract that promotes plant health. It builds better and healthier soils and crops along with stronger plants, higher yields, and most importantly, bigger profits.

This is a unique product that works within the cell structure.

All Farmers should try this, it is a must to achieve health and yield with this “NEW” product called “Super AG Extract”.

This is 100% Extract - an Extremely Concentrate product today. 

This will benefit all who use it, farmers, need. 

This is the ONLY one on the market today – it is 100% concentrated for maximum performance for the crops you are raising. 

Super AG Extract, in water, or any liquid product - plants developed large deep roots,

Produces a more vigorous and healthier crops. 

The Extract is approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration as a natural Food Adjuvant until title 21 CFR and it is a food grade Extract.
•Improves photosynthesis
•Improves Root Development
•Strengthens plants and improves natural resistance to disease, pests, and stress, reducing the need for chemical and fungicides
•Stimulates plant metabolism

Best if product is used with a natural product or by itself to obtain highest yields. Yields seen in 2009 & 2010 were above bumper crops yields! This Extract used alone seen record increases on many crops like Alfalfa, Corn, Soybeans, all bean crops, all grain crops, sunflowers, canola, plus many more.

More tonnage is seen when used on alfalfa & corn! It’s like an Immunization shot for plants 

This also improves the plants ability to better withstand environment stress and may reduce the impact of insect and disease on crops. Many who use it see results. All natural product with no preservatives in it at all. 

The highly concentrated Enzymes keeps diseases like Goss’s Wilt out of corn in 2010 & 2011. Farmer that used this see NO Goss’s Wilt in his corn, and that saves them many bushels of corn.

Farmer seen results of this spreading disease have gotten many worry about what is coming next.

​This product works extremely well with Lithovit, they work together making them the strongest of products on the market today.
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